Owner: Liam - Co-Owner: Derek - Third in Command: Max
Cane Hill Institute was founded in the early 1800's, it was closed due to many different fires. Now that everything has been cleaned up, they're welcoming back members yet again. They're welcoming more than just the average mental disorder patients, they're welcoming the bad boys and girls of the entire world to come here.
It's heavily guarded and barely anyone is allowed out the walls, unless of course they're escorted by someone. No one normally visits those in Cane hill, but if the members are lucky to have someone out there who still wants to see them, visiting day is Sunday.
Boys and girls between the ages of 15 - 20 come to the Institute, whether it be psychological, emotional, or behavioral. The Cane Hill Institute is here to help those who come here.

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Name: Leigh Knowles | Age: 17 | FC: Bianca Lawson | OPEN

Problem: Short-term memory loss

Secret: Up to player

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Leigh Knowls is an ironic name for this seventeen year old, she can’t remember a damn thing. She has been there since she was about 14. She can’t remember things after a good hour of doing something, she needs to constantly be reminded but thank god, she loves to do anything and trusts people so much, she allows them to lead her to do whatever. She often asks who people are, or what their story is, she’s very easy to get along with and a very bright person. Her friends all love her, and she does in fact have a lot of friends. She doesn’t know she has a lot, but she’s friends with basically everyone who comes to the asylum. She’s fun to get along with, and someone a lot of people like.

Comes from: Up to player

Ships: Whatever happens, Happens. She’s shy because she still thinks she’s fourteen.

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